Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Control the road.

It's almost an unfair advantage.  With Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, you can count on having more traction and control than just about anyone else on the road, in all conditions.  That's because it's no ordinary all-wheel drive system, and Subaru has been perfecting it for decades.

      All Weather Conditions

Traction and stability keep you connected to the road.

          Accident Avoidance  

Being more responsive to the unexpected takes natural agility.

                  Spirited Handling 

Dynamic steering and intuitive control comes from a near-perfect side-to-side symmetry. 


Efficiency and Durability

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive has the engine mounted in-line with the drivetrain, helping provide a seamless transfer of power to all four wheels.

You need balance and an even distribution of power for maximum traction, instead of the slip-then-grip alternative. Every Subaru comes standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for better stability, efficiency and a quicker response to slippery conditions.

Other AWD systems need additional drivetrain components to route the same power to the wheels, often using complex designs. More components tend to reduce vehicle efficiency and could add to higher maintenance costs.


Stability and Control

The balanced design of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive helps add control through uniformed stability. With power being distributed to the wheels with the best traction, it helps you hold true to the path.

Front-wheel drive vehicles generally understeer or push in a turn, while rear-wheel drive vehicles can often oversteer in a turn.

Power and Traction

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive sends power to all wheels simultaneously for maximum traction and acceleration.

In slippery conditions, that power instinctively flows to the wheels with the best traction.


Consumer Reports

You don't have to take our word for it that Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is the Best...

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