Save Time and Money with How-To Videos from Berman Subaru of Chicago

You won't always find it necessary to swing by a dealership to get your windshield wipers replaced. Easy enough service needs often require more time to drive back and forth to the dealership than they would if you were to do them on your own. So, what do you do? We've got a solution! Check out our how-to videos down below that detail some simple maintenance needs that you can follow along with and get done on your own! We make it easy, so you can avoid the trip to the dealership!

How to Replace Your Engine Air Filter

The road throws a lot at your engine, from dust and dirt to debris and even metal shavings. Your engine air filter is there to keep it clean, so you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience. This video will detail where to find your engine air filter and replace it, so you can prevent damage to your engine or a decrease in efficiency.

How to Refill Your Windshield Washer Fluid

Not being able to see the road can compromise your safety, especially when the snow is falling. Replacing your windshield washer fluid is a simple task but can have a big impact on your safety. This video will show you how to locate where the fluid goes and how to add more!

How to Remove and Replace Your Wiper Blades

From salt and grime in the winter to pollen in the summer, your windshield wipers do a lot to keep your windshield clean and clear. While these can often be overlooked, we're happy to show you how to remove them and replace them.

How to Patch a Tire

Sometimes, you can't avoid the hazards of the road, especially if you happen to find yourself driving by a construction zone or an area where new houses are going up. If you notice your tire pressure light is on, this indicate a nail in your tire. This video will show you how to patch a tire while on the road.

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